Can a woman teach, preach, or be a pastor?

The online video series by Daniel Koren will convince you that Yes, She Can! 

We need Pentecostal Women in Ministry. Don’t be left in doubt about the role of women in the church.


Why this series?

Too many women have been left frustrated and confused in the Kingdom of God. They know God called them to work for Him, yet they hear others tell them they cannot do what He has asked of them. 

God called women to serve Him in every era of history. This is why a woman would serve in the faith since the beginning: because He Called Her. That is the title of the new bestselling book by Pentecostal author Daniel Koren.

Finally, someone put together all the pieces and answered all the nagging questions. The video course Yes, She Can! and book He Called Her take you on a journey you will not forget.

The video trainings will give you new insights on this dynamic topic. Share what you learn with your friends or Bible study group. Frame by frame, learn the keys to understanding why the Lord involved so many woman in ministry.

  • Other books ignore or throw away scriptures regarding women; this series helps you look them all straight in the eye and come away smiling

  • Discover the secret to understanding 1 Timothy 2:11-12, what an unknown, ancient word means for a modern world

  • Learn the key qualities a woman must have to be a leader in the Kingdom

  • See for yourself what ignorant (and maybe hateful) people have said and done to prevent women from ministry

  • Why feminism has nothing to do with this cause 

  • What caused the number of Pentecostal women preachers to drop to just a tenth of what they had been

  • The thinking many people agree on for a most un-agreeable understanding of a 1 Timothy 3 passage by taking it out of context

Own the online video series titled: 

Yes, She Can (teach, preach, and pastor)! 

The online videos are a reasonable value at $100. The book sells for $20. For a limited time, we are offering the book included with the video training for way below value! Shipping is included! Here’s what you get:

  • Over 30 video training modules online

  • Digital text of over 50,000 words

  • The Hardback book He Called Her!

  • BONUSES: 2 digital books by pioneer women preachers!

  • More content being added

That’s $145 worth of materials for only $46.99!

After reading your book God sent me to my knees in repentance... the entire atmosphere in our home and in our ministry has changed... My wife has also recently acknowledged a call to the ministry… Thank you so much for writing this book!"
Rev. Ryan Richmond
“We are always excited when a book inspires us or significantly adds to what we know. Yet, once in a while a book comes along that surprises us, reframing the way we think.
This is just such a book.”
Should women be pastors?
Dr. David Norris
“Brother Koren has invited us as friends to reconsider how we view women in a modern context based on the lives of real women recorded in the Bible and a thorough reexamination of the scriptures having to do with women in the New Testament church.”
Dr. Janice Sjostrand


Soon, you will see from the Bible why a woman can be a teacher, a pastor, an evangelist, a prophet, and an apostle. Learn from female deacons, bishops, and missionaries.

He Called Her and Yes She Can show why Pentecostal women can and should be in ministry. The Bible doesn’t just mention women in ministry, it is calling you into ministry.

You may wish to buy just the book at $19.99 plus $5 shipping. That is a useful option. However, we suggest you take advantage of our ridiculously low pricing for the video series and get the hardback book, and 2 bonus ebooks! Altogether it would be over $145 but you can have it for a third of that! 

The book and online video series clearly show verse-by-verse how the Bible doesn’t just mention women in ministry, it calls them into ministry. If He Called Her to serve, can she do it? Yes, She Can!

“I applaud Daniel Koren for moving past his preconceived beliefs, and allowing himself to become the vessel chosen to bring revelation to those who have been searching for answers concerning women in ministry. This book is a must read for every pastor, leader, and teacher.”
Rev. Jessica Marquez
“Reading your book gave me a clearer understanding of what Paul actually said in the Scriptures. This gave me the confidence to have a discussion with my pastor about my calling and what opportunities were open to me in the church. I am now teaching two home Bible studies, presenting short lessons to groups in church, and taking training for the ACTS/Life In Focus programs. I am also pursuing licensing with the UPCI.”
Jennifer Mendyka
"I read your book as well and thought it was phenomenal."​
Rev. Cedric Austin
“I've learned things in the Word of God and I'm crying, laughing because of what is written touches me for what God has talked to me since I was little. Thank you for writing this book and video series.”
Donna Ryan

Should women be silent?

Let us send you a free report on a Bible passage many struggle with. This is not a passage against women in ministry but was part of a defense for women in ministry! You may have never seen it explained like this but it will make sense shortly. Plus, we have a bunch more great info to send along, too. Download this report today!