Women can teach, preach, and lead!

The new book He Called Her by Daniel Koren provides biblical insight to the roles of women in ministry. Searching each Scripture on the topic with great care, this book provides clear evidence that YES, God does call women to teach, preach, and pastor His people.

Included, you will find an overview of women in ministry throughout Pentecostal history and first-person narratives by women preachers. He Called Her thoroughly and definitively answers the following questions:

  • Does I Corinthians 14:34–35 silence women in church?
  • Can women serve only when a man does not respond to the call?
  • Does I Timothy 2:11–12 prohibit women from teaching men?
  • Can a woman have authority in the church?
  • Can a woman be a pastor?
  • Must women be submitted to men to do ministry?

Any person wanting to know what the Bible has to say about women in ministry should read and study this book.

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“We are always excited when a book inspires us or significantly adds to what we know. Yet, once in a while a book comes along that surprises us, reframing the way we think. This is just such a book.”
Dr. David Norris
Should Pentecostal women preach?

Reading your book gave me a clearer understanding of what Paul actually said in the Scriptures. This gave me the confidence to have a discussion with my pastor about my calling and what opportunities were open to me in the church. I am now teaching two home Bible studies, presenting short lessons to groups in church, and taking training for the ACTS/Life In Focus programs. I am also pursuing licensing with the UPCI. Your book allowed me to embrace my calling and pursue avenues that were open to me. Thank you.
Jennifer Mendyka

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