He Called Her by Daniel Koren

Should Women Teach? Preach? Lead in the church? The Bible says "Yes!"

The new book He Called Her by Daniel Koren provides biblical insight to the roles of women in ministry. Dealing with questions such as "Should women be pastors?" and many more, this book searches each Scripture on the topic with great care. He Called Her: Pentecostal Women in Ministry provides clear evidence that YES, God does call women to teach, preach, and pastor His people.

He Called Her thoroughly and definitively answers the following questions:

     Should women be pastors?

     Can a woman have authority in the church?

     Does I Corinthians 14:34–35 silence women in church?

     Can women serve only when a man does not respond to the call?

     Must women be submitted to men to do ministry?

     What about I Timothy 2:11–12?

     Can a woman teach men?

Included, you will find an overview of women in ministry throughout Pentecostal history and first-person narratives by women preachers. Additionally, you will want to learn about the video series Yes, She Can. You will find hours of video and written content in over 30 modules! Find out more and get a free report about the "women be silent" passage in scripture.

A conservative book for women in ministry!

Finally, a book about women in ministry that does not compromise with leftist propaganda, feminism, or other social causes. Published by Word Aflame Press (WAP Academic label), this book speaks from a very conservative and uniquely Pentecostal perspective.

Any person wanting to know what the Bible has to say about women in ministry should read and study this book. Know how to intelligently answer the question "Should women be pastors?" and "Can a woman teach men?" and many more! You need to know why "Yes!" is the biblical answer to these questions.

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“We are always excited when a book inspires us or significantly adds to what we know. Yet, once in a while a book comes along that surprises us, reframing the way we think. This is just such a book.”
Should women be pastors?
Dr. David Norris
Professor of Biblical Theology
"I read your book as well and thought it was phenomenal."
Rev. Cedric Austin
Church Planter
He Called Her
He Called Her: Women in Ministry
"I applaud Daniel Koren for moving past his preconceived beliefs, and allowing himself to become the vessel chosen to bring revelation to those who have been searching for answers concerning women in ministry. This book is a must read for every pastor, leader, and teacher."
Rev. Jessica Marquez
Church Planter, Conference Speaker

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I Corinthians 14:34-35 Women be silent?

Let us send you a free report on a Bible passage many struggle with. This is not a passage against women in ministry but was part of a defense for women in ministry! You may have never seen it explained like this but it will make sense shortly. Plus, we have a bunch more great info to send along, too. Download this report today!